Welcome to Centerville Election Fact Check

**Updated November 26, 2013**

Salt Lake Tribune Headline:

“Swallow-like allegations arise in Centerville”

Here is more coverage from the Standard Examiner:



The Deseret News:

Why hasn’t the Davis County Clipper picked up on this story?

There is a lot of  information floating around about where candidates stand on the issues.  I value facts and the public record over a politician’s website mea culpa.  The goal of this blog is to cut through the fog and find empirical evidence as to where Mayoral and City Council Candidates stand on the issues.

This is something I am doing on my own time, and hopefully it will be of some help.  I use documentation and the public record to arrive at conclusions that are sometimes at odds with a candidate’s stated positions.  I will not endorse anyone, I just want to drill down to the truth.

Paul Cutler and Lawrence Wright are the candidates for Mayor.

George McEwan, Tami Fillmore, Stephanie Ivie, and Jack H. Dellastatious are candidates for the Centerville City Council.

Any views or opinions found on my site are my own, and mine alone.  For this reason I am going to provide documentation in order to offer proof.  If you are like me, you like facts and not hearsay or a politician’s well timed position change.

Look at the facts, and then you can decide.